This is what leaders said about Success in Managing Diversity:

Sonya Richardson

President Professional Women’s Network (PWN) Global

“A convincing story which can’t be ignored by any leader – men nor women. And now, let’s get to business because the Netherlands has been lagging behind for too long when it comes to diversity. Esther Mollema brilliantly summarizes how our own mindbugs structurally prevent changes, and which practical tools can help us to realize stronger and more inclusive leadership.”

Jos Nijhuis

President and CEO Schiphol Airport Group

“Esther Mollema puts the undiscussable regarding diversity and high performance at Schiphol Airport Group up for discussion. This book is fun and light; you can almost hear Esther telling it to you (in her own way). It really motivates managers to actually improve their teams, take it to a next level.”

Nicolette Loonen

President Women in Financial Services

“With her no-nonsense mentality, thorough knowledge about diversity with respect to high performance organizations, Esther Mollema let’s both men as well as women experience the power of diversity. Esther touches you, in a personal conversation, in a group, and with her book. Her impact impresses me every time.”